3 Ways To Elevate Your Movie Night Experience

Movie night is a beloved tradition—especially when you set the stage for a cinematic experience. Therefore, light some candles, pop some corn, and treat yourself to new and classic flicks with these movie night ideas.


Create a Home Theater Experience


Creating a home theater is easier than you think. All you need to do is invest in a projector and a roll-up screen. Or, you can utilize a blank white wall. Next, optimizing the seating is key. Pull out your fluffiest blankets, the plushest pillows, and find a surface to rest your feet on. If you feel like going the extra mile, place speakers around the room for a surround sound experience. Happy viewing!


Host a Marathon & Celebrate the Theme


There’s nothing like a television binge session, except for one with a fun theme! Treat yourself and your interests to a night of cinematic splendor with a marathon. If you love 007, do a James Bond night and whip up a batch of martinis. For the horror lovers out there, a Scream marathon with spooktacular treats will provide early Halloween fun.


Have a Short Film Contest


With the advent of smartphones, anyone can be a filmmaker. Therefore, invite your friends near and far to create their very own video shorts. You can request they be comedic, scary, dramatic, or have participants submit any type of video they want. Then, host a virtual viewing party where everyone tunes in to watch the submissions. You’ll love seeing what your friends came up with!

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