Embark on a 5-Day Cleaning Challenge

One of the best ways to approach this seasonal task is to take it day-by-day. Assigning one responsibility to a specific period offers a great way to hold yourself accountable as well as prevent burnout.

Need a little help planning it out? Here’s what your week looks like:

Monday: Deep Clean the Fridge


We’re scheduling a deep fridge clean for Monday because, well, we’d like to get it over with. While scrubbing ketchup stains and discarding old mayonnaise jars may not be the most pleasant task, there’s a way to approach it effectively. Click here for Lincoln’s comprehensive guide for cleaning the fridge.



Tuesday: Organize the Linen Closet



What was once home to delicately folded sheets and towels is now a mess of crumpled linens collecting dust. If this is your scenario, it’s time to clean your linen closet. First, take everything out. Assess all the towels, sheets, and miscellaneous items and assess what you truly need. Then, get to dusting! Finally, arrange the items you would like to keep in a way that is convenient for you. For example, place bath towels in an easy-to-reach spot and items like bed sheets on higher shelves.




Wednesday: Reassess the Junk Drawer


Are you the proud owner of a junk drawer? How about a junk closet? Not all of the items we own can have a designated home, therefore it’s common to place all of your miscellaneous items in one area. On Wednesday, tackle this section of your apartment and categorize the objects. They could either be junk drawer-appropriate, ready to be tossed, or deserving of a new home in the apartment.



Thursday: Wipe Down All Surfaces


Thursday is the day you bid adieu to the dust collecting on your surfaces. Grab a rag, some cleaner, and wipe down your counters, nightstands, and bookshelves. Be sure to pay attention to less obvious areas such as corners, high shelving, and the tops of appliances.




Friday: Prep for a Party!


Your reward for a week well spent is a get-together with friends! Plan a fiesta for the weekend with your favorite people and spend Friday night preparing. Since most of the work is done, you’ll enjoy tying up loose ends as you gear up for a night of fun.

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