Swap This For That: Summertime Food Edition

One of our favorite ways to celebrate a new season is through our stomachs and summer is an especially exciting time of year as the fruit is ripe and flavors are fresh.

Therefore, now is the time to swap out cold weather delicacies for summer selections. Here are a few we’re particularly excited about.

Goodbye Chicken Noodle, Hello Gazpacho







Soup is chock full of vitamins, minerals, and healthy vegetables. However, on sweltering summer days, a hot bowl of steaming broth is the farthest thing from our minds. Luckily, you can swap in gazpacho for a fresh and flavorful lunch or dinner. This green gazpacho from Budget Bytes mixes cucumber, bell peppers, and avocado with fresh herbs into a meal that is both refreshing and savory.

Swap Out a Sub For Panzanella









Replacing a sandwich with salad may not sound super appealing, but hear us out. A panzanella is a Tuscan-inspired chopped salad adorned with pieces of rustic bread. This dish dials down the carb intake while incorporating extra fresh and vibrant vegetables. This recipe from Christina’s Cucina is as traditional as it gets and includes tomatoes, basil, and cucumber.

Cool Off With an Iced Matcha Latte









While a hot cup of coffee may lure you out of bed in the morning, an iced matcha latte can have the same gravitational pull and the preparation is simple. First, you will need to select ceremonial grade matcha which is sourced from the youngest tea leaves with stems and veins removed to ensure a smooth flavor and feel. Once you have your powder, whisk one teaspoon with two ounces of hot water, mix in plenty of ice cubes, and then fill the rest of the cup with milk.

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